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Acting Director General:
mag. Bojan Majcen


Head Office of the Prison Administration of the Republic of Slovenia

Jesenkova 3

1000 Ljubljana

Telephone: +386 (1) 300 56 70
Telefax: +386 (1) 300 56 20

E-mail: gp.ursiks(at)



The Prison Administration of the Republic of Slovenia was founded in 1995 as a body within the Ministry of Justice. The prisons and the juvenile correctional home (institution) are the Administration's internal organisational units.


The Prison Administration performs administrative and professional assignments concerning:
• the enforcement of prison sanctions
• the organisation and management of prisons and the correctional facility
• ensuring provision of financial, material, personnel and other conditions for the functioning of the prisons and the correctional facility
• personnel training for the needs of enforcement of penal sanctions
• the enforcement of rights and obligations of the persons who have been deprived of liberty.


Slovenia has six prison facilities operating in fourteen locations for the serving of prison sentences and juvenile prison sentences, prison sentences passed down in misdemeanours procedures and prison sentences passed down under other regulations. The Prison Administration also operates a correctional facility for young offenders who have been sent to the correctional facility as an educational measure.


The categories of prisoners are as follows: sentenced prisoners, remand prisoners, persons sentenced to prison in misdemeanours procedures, juvenile prisoners and young people in the correctional facility.


In accordance with EU standards, the overall prison capacity is 1339 prisoners.


Inside the prisons, the sentenced prisoners must be kept separate from persons sentenced in misdemeanours procedures, juveniles from adults, men from women.
Five of the prisons also have separate detention units.


The largest prison is in Dob, near Ljubljana, where sentenced male prisoners serve sentences that are longer than one and a half year, and up to 30 years. The central women's prison for all forms of prison sentences is in Ig, also just outside Ljubljana; the juvenile prison is in Celje and there are regional prisons where sentenced prisoners serve up to a year and a half long prison sentences in Koper, Maribor and Ljubljana. Each prison has an open, semi-open and closed unit which differ by the degree of security applied and the restrictions placed on the freedom of movement of their inmates. The correctional facility is in Radeče.