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Judicial Training Centre - JTC

Director: Court of Appeal Judge Tadeja Jelovšek, Ph.D.


Glinška 12, SI-1000 Ljubljana


T: +386 1 369 5770

F: +386 1 369 5765




The Judicial Training Centre (JTC) is responsible for continuous training of judges, state prosecutors, state attorneys as well as for training of other court personnel.
The tasks of the JTC are to organise and provide for the implementation of various forms of continuing education of judges, state prosecutors and state attorneys, technical assistants and court staff; to implement training of judicial trainees, to organise and provide for the implementation of bar exams, to organise and provide for the implementation of other exams required in the justice system; to implement the obligatory professional training of court presidents and directors and to issue professional publications.

The training is carried out in the form of seminars, lectures, workshops, schools for judges, state prosecutors and state attorneys, round tables and panels, initial training courses, consultations and simulations of main hearings, e-learning, testing of knowledge, and other appropriate forms of training.

The JTC also carries out initial training for judicial and state prosecutor trainees and other candidates for the national bar exam and, of course, oversees the exam itself. This is one of its most important tasks, since passing the national bar exam is one of the conditions for exercising judicial office and holding the offices of state prosecutor and state attorney, and also for practising the professions of attorney or notary.

The JTC is also the body responsible for carrying out international exchanges of judicial officials by organising the participation of Slovenian judicial officials in international training courses and by co-ordinating the participation of foreign judicial officials in the national training courses on EU law.

Slovene JTC is a member of the European Judicial Training Network (EJTN), HELP Programme of the Council of Europe, Academy of European Law (ERA) and International Organisation for Judicial Training (IOJT).

The JTC has been Slovenia’s representative in the European Judicial Training Network (EJTN) since 2008 and has cooperated as a partner in its international training programmes and through membership of the following working groups: the EJTN Programmes, Exchange Programmes, the Judicial Training and Methodology Group, Administrative Subgroup, and from 2017 on in the Civil and Human Rights subgroup.

For many years, the JTC has been participating in all sorts of the EJTN Exchange programme (Short and Long-term exchange, Aiakos programme, Exchange for court presidents and heads of prosecution offices, Specialised Exchange and Bilateral Exchange and study visits of ECHR, CJEU, Eurojust and EU Institutions), has organised the participation of Slovenian judicial officials in EJTN seminars and study visits (to the European Court of Justice, the European Court of Human Rights and Eurojust), provided for the participation of foreign judicial officials in national training courses on European law in the context of the Upgraded Catalogue Activities of the EJTN, and worked with the EJTN within the context of expert cooperation in international expert meetings.

The JTC is committed to cooperation with foreign judicial training institutions on the basis of the several partnership declarations that are concluded annually and in the form of posting Slovenian judicial officials abroad and organising seminars in Slovenia.

Within the JTC framework, Slovenian judicial officials attend training on a regular basis at the Academy of European Law (ERA), the Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH) and the Goethe Institute.

The JTC also provides training courses and organises exams for persons whose activity is closely linked to judiciary, i.e. court experts and court appraisers, court interpreters, enforcement officers, receivers in bankruptcy and compulsory winding-up proceedings (official receivers), mediators and refugee advisers.

The JTC also edits a publication entitled Judicial Bulletin (Pravosodni bilten). The Bulletin contains articles in the field of the judiciary, mostly lectures given during various forms of training. Three to four volumes are published annually.